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Welcome to Nursery!

We have really enjoyed helping the children settle into the Nursery class routine. It was lovely to see the returning children and observe how they welcomed and involved the new children so well. We have been watching them interact as they explore the indoor and outdoor classrooms and can safely say that friendships are blossoming.

We have spent the last few weeks observing the children closely to find out what they already know and are able to do. From this information, we can establish what each child’s next steps are and use this to plan effectively, in order to ensure that children make rapid progress. We continually monitor progress and tailor our planning to ensure we help the children achieve their personal targets.

We are looking forward to working in partnership with you at home so that your child has the best possible start at school.

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‘THIS IS ME’ Display

Have you seen our lovely display in the cloakroom area. There are fabulous photos of the children; taken whilst they were exploring the provision. Alongside them, are speech bubbles of what each child had to say!

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This year, for the first time, children in Nursery may be entitled to or opt for ‘30 hour provision’ (08.30-14.30 hours). This means that many of our children now have lunch in school.

Full-time children bring a packed lunch and enjoy dining with their classmates. They enjoy comparing and discussing the contents of each lunchbox and it is a relaxed time, also accompanied by peaceful background music.

We have noticed an unusual silence descend as lunch is devoured!!!!


No-Name Bear (now Scout)

You may remember from our learning stories that our class bear was new and did not have a name! The children were encouraged to think of suitable names for No-Name Bear and also went on a treasure hunt to find hidden names. Finally, we settled on the name Scout.

Scout the Bear gets lonely at the weekend and loves to go home with a child to spend time with them. When it is your child’s turn, he/she will bring Scout home and hopefully have an exciting time, and then, tell us all about it on Monday morning.

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Pip and Pop

Pip and Pop are our ‘listening owls’ and like all owls, they are very wise. They always make time to listen carefully to what children have to say and encourage others to do the same. Pip and Pop love to be cuddled and there is no shortage of cuddles on offer.



We spent a wonderful week thinking about friendship and what it means to be a kind friend. We used some super stories to illustrate sharing and caring, including ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’. The children really enjoyed both stories but particularly enjoyed how the rainbow fish learned to be a good friend by sharing his beautful, shimmering scales.

Children enjoyed using puppets to recreate the story and were delighted to find out that the rainbow fish had left us some shimmering, kind ‘hands’ to give out to sharing and caring children.

School Library Books

Starting in October, your child will bring home a school library book each week to share with you. We hope that these will supplement your own reading range and ensure your child realises that reading is important at school and at home. As a school, we are passionate that children should be ‘Reading for Pleasure’.

Research shows that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge, a better understanding of other cultures and are more successful in adult life.

Sharing books with your children at home not only provides endless opportunities for adventure and discussion – it provides a solid foundation on which they can build, in order to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Library books are sent home on Friday and are to be returned on Wednesday.