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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6

Class Teachers: Mr Catt and Mrs Coleman


What a brilliant start Year 6 have made during September and October. We have already learned so many new things and achieved so much. 



Exciting Electricity

In Science we have been learning about electricity. We made and tested our own batteries using citrus fruits and made our own circuit-powered motor cars!

Making cars using electrical circuits

Making and testing our own batteries

Making and testing our own batteries 1
Making and testing our own batteries 2
Making and testing our own batteries 3
Making and testing our own batteries 4
Making and testing our own batteries 5

Careers Carousel

During our careers carousel, we interviewed people from a range of different careers. We asked questions to help us understand what each job was like and to gain an understanding of the skills needed. It was a fantastic and inspiring morning!

Picture 1

Vikings Play in a Day

During our play in a day we learnt all about the Vikings and what life was like in Viking Jorvik. We enjoyed performing our play to the rest of the school.

Picture 1

Table Tennis

In PE Year 6 have enjoyed playing table tennis. We have all improved our skills and learnt how to play matches.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 1
Table Tennis 2
Table Tennis 3
Table Tennis 4

Maths Decimal Challenge

In maths, we have enjoyed using equipment to help us to understand decimal values. Our challenge was to work out the value of each block when given only one value.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5