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A lovely email about our pupils

"On Tuesday of this week I went to view the Terracotta Army exhibition at Liverpool museum.  My entry time was 10am just after your class.  I am writing to say your pupils were well behaved and very attentive. Your teacher(s) in charge are a credit not only to the school but to their profession. Reading a lot of the signage and explaining sometimes difficult subjects with clear precise understanding in an engaging attitude. No child could be described as unruly, bored or unaware of fellow viewers.  In fact there quiet enthusiasm added a little more to the already rewarding experience of the morning.  If it wasn't for the fact they were wearing bright yellow jackets most of the time you couldn't tell they were there. An example that I and some other adult viewers could well learn from.

Whatever you teach at your school, please carry on.

No need to reply to this but please inform those who were involved my pleasure that I shared the exhibition with them .

p.s. To the pupil who said to the teacher " I'm crying for some reason " I felt a little the same.   Some of these children will remember times like these for the rest of their lives."


We are so proud of all the pupils in our school as we know how respectful and considerate they are.  It's a pleasure to share this email with you all.