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*Halewood Uni-Wise


Calling all parents and carers with children at Halewood Primary Schools and Halewood Academy


Do you have items of outgrown school uniform in good condition which you would be prepared to donate to others?


Do you need any items of school uniform for local schools?


We will be operating a reuse and recycle scheme for the following school uniform items:


Primary Schools- Halewood C of E; Holy Family; Plantation; St Andrew’s; St Mark’s; Yew Tree.                                                       

· Sweatshirts, jumpers, cardigans

· PE kit

· Bags

· Ties

· Girls’ summer dresses


All with current logos, as appropriate, for the relevant school


Halewood Academy

· Blazers

· Girls’ tartan skirts

· School ties

· Black Halewood PE polo shirts


Items may be dropped off at the Arncliffe Sports and Community Centre between 9.30-2.30 from Monday 20 July to Tuesday 28 July (Saturday 11-2pm) Please wash and iron all items.


Further details about collection will follow shortly but this will be after 4 August to allow for Covid quarantine requirements for clothing items. All items will be provided in sealed bags


Updates will be posted on our Facebook page


You can also message the Facebook page to request specific items. Please provide details of items, child/children’s age(s) and school(s) .


Whilst we will do our best we cannot guarantee that the items you request will be available.


This scheme is open to anyone with children at Halewood Schools so do please make use of it


It is FREE of charge so you will be saving money and helping to save the environment.


*Halewood Uni-Wise is group of experienced Halewood Volunteers who have come together in a project that helps some of our most vulnerable families by supplying free re-cycled uniforms for the new term in September.  The aim is to ease financial cost in these most difficult times, especially for families that have several children.  Covid-19 lockdown meant that Halewood school children did not get the opportunity to wear their uniforms and P.E. kits very much last term so a thought came to mind - why not re-cycle them?