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Due to yesterday’s announcement of enforced partial closure from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice, it will be essential that you support your child with home learning activities. Please ensure you follow us on twitter (@halewoodcofe) and regularly view our school website as these will be our communication platforms over the comings weeks.


Our home learning platform will be Seesaw. We will be using this platform as a way to communicate with the children and set them learning activities. The children have all been prepared and shown how to log on and use the platform.


1. Download this app on any device or alternatively you can open it in your Internet browser via the link   


2. Tap ‘I’m a student’


3. Scan or type in your home learning code


4. Post to your journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements.


5. Remember this codes is like a password. Keep it safe.


What are the aims of creating a platform for Home Learning Opportunities?


  • To create age specific learning opportunities for the children of Halewood C of E School so that they can continue with their learning at home during an enforced shutdown.
  • To create a resource that is easy for children to access and use.
  • Key learning is linked to the National Curriculum and will be set by the class teacher
  • To provide structure and focus to each day during an enforced shutdown.


What will your child be given to support home learning?


  • Home Learning exercise book to record activities when requested to do so in this way by the class teacher.
  • A QR code to access seesaw at home.
  • TT Rockstars password
  • A pencil
  • Knowledge Planner


How will it all work?


  • We will be using Seesaw as our learning platform to set activities for the children.
  • Class teachers will set daily curriculum activities as detailed in the timetable below. These will be made available at 9am each weekday and will be found via your child’s Seesaw account within the activities tab.
  • The children will complete these activities during the day. This may involve: reading/listening to a set of instructions; completing a sheet or written task via Seesaw or completing an activity in their Home Learning books.
  • At times, the children will be asked to take a photograph of what they have done and upload it.
  • Staff will ‘like’ all pieces of work returned by the children to acknowledge that they have been received and reviewed and comments may be given.
  • Activities will focus on consolidating learning that has already taken place.
  • Seesaw will be used as a way for teachers to set activities and the children to respond to them. Please be mindful that it is not to be used as a method of communication from parents to class teachers.




  • We expect that all children will access all activities, although we accept that this may not always be possible on the day that they are set. Seesaw allows us to monitor who is engaging with the activities and when they are completed.
  • We expect that activities done in the Home Learning books are completed to a high standard of presentation and handwriting is to the same standard that the children would use in their books at school.


Daily Curriculum Activities







Maths activity

Maths activity

Maths activity

Maths activity

Maths activity

Reading activity

Writing activity

Reading activity

Writing activity

SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) activity

History/Geography activity

Science activity

Picture News activity

R.E. Activity

Art/ Creative activity



On-going Activities


These are additional activities that your child can access to supplement their consolidation of learning.


  • TT Rockstars
  • Quizlet
  • Continue to read for pleasure using your own books at home

In addition to the above, we will also be setting a whole school PE Challenge each week. This will be set via Twitter and will involve being active. We will be posting regular updates via Twitter and rewarding the class with the best engagement with the Home Learning Trophy; it would be great to see an engagement via Twitter from parents and carers during this time. Instructions for setting up an account on Twitter can be found in latest news on our website.


Other websites




Oxford Owl

Free e-books for ages 3-11


Teach Your Monster to Read

Animated stories for children


Once Upon A Picture

Images to inspire writing.


Free Children’s Classics

Free audiobooks for some classic stories.



Create a free account to watch videos and master classes from well-known authors. Each master class includes a range of writing challenges.


IXL English

Online grammar practice for all year groups.


Liverpool library

Audio and e-books. Please note that you will need a library card to borrow books, which you can sign up for online.


Phonics Play

For children to practice their phonics sounds. They have made their resources free during school closures.

Username: march20

Password: home










A fun visual way of revising maths. Click on the year group of your child to select age appropriate activities.


White Rose Maths

A resource that uploads a maths problem every day.


I Love Maths

A range of interactive maths games


I See Maths

Maths reasoning and problem solving activities.


IXL Maths

Maths questions for all year groups.


Top Marks

Interactive number facts games


The Mathematics Shed

A wide range of fun, interactive maths activities





BBC Bitesize helps with homework, revision and learning. It has free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject.




Resources to support continued learning at home, by offering the teachers and parents of children in schools which are closed, or facing closure, free access to all Twinkl resources for a period of one month in the first instance.



Coding website


Minecraft Hour of Code


Dance Mat Typing

A fun way to learn and practise touch typing skills



The strong partnership between home and school that exists at Halewood C of E will enable us to get through whatever comes our way in the coming weeks with strength and hope. Thank you for your on-going support, we appreciate that this is a challenging time for us all.


Take care and God bless all our school community.