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Poppy Appeal

Poppy Appeal


We have poppies for sale in the school office in support of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.  The Royal British Legion use money raised through this appeal to help thousands of ex-soldiers and their families.


Why a poppy?

A doctor called John McCrae, who was working to help soldiers in France, wrote a poem in 1915 about the poppies growing on the graves of dead soldiers. The beginning of the poem goes “In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row...”. An American professor, Moina Michael read the beautiful poem and it gave her the idea of using poppies to remember the dead but also to help the living at the same time.  Poppies make a very good symbol for remembrance – they were the only flower that grew easily on the battlefields after World War One and are a very delicate flower that only live for a short time, rather like the young men killed in battle.