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Welcome to Nursery

We are immensely proud of how the Nursery children have been settling in. It has been lovely to see new friendships forming and developing in the class.  We are extremely pleased with how we respect and help our new friends.


Phonics Books

As we begin to learn our new sounds we will be sending home a Phonics book every Friday with your child. We ask that you engage with the material and follow the guidance given on the inside of the front cover. Please return this book of a Wednesday so that your child can be given the new sound of the week.


Home Reading Books

In Nursery, we consider reading to be of great importance and paramount to all other aspects of learning, as it impacts on everything a child does.

Each week your child will come home with a new reading book. Please read this book with your child, discussing the title and the events of the story.

This will need to be brought in of a Wednesday so your child can choose a new book.

Hedgehog Cakes

During our autumn topic, we have been looking at non-fiction books about hedgehogs. We have been finding out information about hedgehogs and have described how one would feel. We then used this to create our own hedgehog cornflake cakes.


We first discussed the importance of hygiene before touching our ingredients. Then we made a prediction about what would happen to the chocolate when it was put in the microwave and why it would melt. Our predictions were correct. We were amazed to see that when the chocolate had melted, it became gloopy and slimy. Well done Nursery!

Learning outside the Classroom

We enjoy learning in new environments in Nursery. We were delighted to explore the school field during our autumn seasonal saunter and have the opportunity to develop our physical and interpersonal skills. Our favourite aspect about the school field is the story wagon in which we can listen to a story being read.

African Dancing

We always welcome the opportunity to learn about other cultures in Nursery. During Black History Week we enjoyed learning new African dance steps. We put the steps together to perform a short routine for our friends.



Indian Dancing