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Miss S Calvert (Teacher)

Mrs S Downey (Teaching Assistant)

Outdoor Classroom Day

Nursery spent today learning outdoors. We took the parachute outside to play some fun games to help us with our learning. We focused on listening and attention skills as well as following instructions and practising our counting.

World Book Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in World book Day this year. They had the opportunity to come to school dressed as one of their favourite book characters. Throughout the day the children had access to a wide range of activities to support their learning and to promote a love of reading. We were even treated to a story from Mr. Catt!


Nursery took part in the Easter Bonnet Parade with Reception before entertaining the audience with a special performance. The children enjoyed singing and dancing to Easter songs whilst learning about the true meaning of Easter. We were all very impressed to see the wonderful bonnets that the children made with their parents.

Chinese New Year

We have had so much fun celebrating the festival ofChinese New Year. We learned all about the tradition and how it is celebrated before having a celebration of our own. We linked the festival to all areas of learning, incorporating it into our literacy and mathematics lessons. The children thooughly enjoyed learning about another culture and look forward to celebrating the festival again next year.


The children have enjoyed learning about being healthy this week through the story of Supertato. We had some of the characters visit the class but the Evil Pea came and took them away! Luckily, we found some clues and worked together to solve them. We needed to use our number recognition skills and problem solving to solve the rhyming clues to save the characters.

Talk Week

This Friday (Friday 16th December 2016) the children were able to wear a Christmas jumper for school. We used this as our topic for ‘Talk Week’. The children each had a turn to stand at the front of the class, in front of their peers, and describe their Christmas jumper to us all.

We were very impressed with the children’s confidence and their ability to describe their wonderful jumpers to us. This was also a great opportunity for the children to develop their listening and attention skills as well as building their confidence and speaking skills.

We’re Going on a Bear/Baby Hunt

We have been sharing the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen, in class this week (week beginning 28th November 2016). We used this story to explore positional language in the setting as well as developing our ability to join in with a repeated verse. When we had thoroughly explored the story, we went on our own bear hunt in the outside area.

Together, we recalled the story and went on our way through the various terrains, adding in our sound effects as we went along. We eventually came to a stop in the Learning Lodge where we found a bear!

Seeing the children so enthused about the story gave us a wonderful idea. Together, with Reception, we created our own Christmas nativity, ‘We’re Going on a Baby Hunt’ which incorporated the Nativity story we had been sharing in R.E.

This was such a lovely process to observe and it was wonderful to see the children joining in with the songs and actions, as well as the all-important repeated verse. Some of the Nursery children were even brave enough to stand on the stage, in front of the audience, and sing some of the songs.

It was a pleasure to watch. We are immensely proud of each and every child. Well done!


Nursery have had lots of fun this week (week beginning 17th October 2016) preparing for Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. We listened to a Diwali song to help us understand the festival:

Diwali is here, Diwali is here.

Happiness arrives, happiness is here.

Divas lighted in every house.

Rangoli patterns in every house.

Diwali is here, Diwali is here.

Happiness arrives, happiness is here.

Decorations on every door.

Tiny stars are shining bright.

Diwali is here, Diwali is here.

Happiness arrives, happiness is here.


We began by finding out information on how Diwali is celebrated by reading non—fiction books and watching a short film about a boy called Shyam. The film showed us how his family prepare for their Diwali celebrations. It was interesting to see him visit a temple with his family so that they could light candles and say prayers together. We also found out that they watch fireworks displays, decorate their homes, wear special clothes, prepare a family meal, send cards and give presents. We discussed how this is similar to the way we prepare to celebrate Christmas.


We have also been busy in both the inside and outside classroom this week! Whilst outside we have been using chalk to draw amazing Rangoli patterns on the floor to prepare for the celebration at the end of the week. Inside, we have been taking parts in various challenges, including designing our own Mehndi patterns and exploring coloured gems and glass beads to create some fantastic patterns.

Throughout the week the children had the opportunity to explore some of the objects that Hindu’s have in their houses during Diwali by spending their COOL Time with the inter-active display.


The children showed a great interest in the divas that were on display. Following up on this interest, they had the opportunity to create and decorate their own divas using clay. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their fine motor skills!


At the end of the week we enjoyed our own Diwali celebration day, linking together all of the learning we had done.


Many children had their hands decorated with Mehndi patterns. The children showed great patience in waiting for the henna ink to dry before washing it off.


During our celebration, the children had the opportunity to enjoy home-made Indian food and everyone was keen to sample the dishes. A few children were spotted making several visits to the buffet table! Some children thought of fantastic adjectives to describe the taste.

The children had great fun choosing traditional saris and coloured bindis to wear. The teachers dressed up in traditional Hindu costumes and a great day was had by all.

Owl Babies

During the past week in Nursery (week beginning 10th October) we have had a focus on the story of ‘Owl Babies’. This is a wonderful story about three baby owls who become frightened when their mother leaves to gather food.

The children have had the opportunity to re-enact this story, using the story book, various owls and a plethora of autumn resources. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing this story together, which was evident in the amazing observations we collected.

Phonics Fun

We are very impressed with the amazing attitude demonstrated by Nursery towards the Read, Write Inc. programme. Over the course of the year, the children will learn how to say, read and write the Set 1 sounds, found below.





































The children have shown great enthusiasm when learning the sounds so far and are very eager to identify these sounds in the setting. We have also had a number of children choose to be a ‘Sound Spy’ during their COOL Time. A Sound Spy uses the sound flashcards to walk around the setting and identify the initial sound in objects, matching them to the correct flashcard.

We look forward to seeing the progress the children make over the next year!

Learning Lodge

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic handy work of Mr. Coleman. He has worked very hard to build the fantastic Learning Lodge in the outside area.

The children are able to independently extend their own learning through the wide range of resources that are available inside it. It has been lovely to observe the children using the area with so much enthusiasm for learning.


We are amazed with how the children have settled into the Nursery routine. They have been amazing and this has shown in their learning during COOL Time. Wonderful friendships have been formed already!


We look forward to watching the class grow and progress throughout the year.

Autumn Walk

During the week beginning 3rd October, the Nursery children went on an autumn walk to the school field to begin our autumn topic. We observed what was happening around us and talked about what we could see and hear. We even saw the leaves falling off the trees! After that, we all made our way to the Book Nook to read an autumn story and sing some songs, including ‘Happy Hedgehog’.


The children enjoyed this opportunity and collected some autumn items to put on display in the classroom.