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Teacher: Mrs Kiziltan                      Teaching Assistant: Mrs Morris


Have a wonderful half term break!

When we return we will celebrate


Log in regularly and keep up to date with ‘what’s going on’

while your child is at school.


Homework is sent home (with school library books)

on Fridays.

Please return on Wednesdays. 


No empty tummies!

Any gurgles or rumbles of tums are soon satisfied in EYFS.  Whether it’s toast on arrival, healthy snack throughout the day or a delicious home-prepared lunch, you can rest assured that your child is catered for.                        

NB  Snack money is £2 a week.
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Scout the Bear

Scout is our adorable class bear who can often be found stowing away with a child for the weekend.  Scout is constantly using binocular eyes and super-listening ears to check whether children are doing the right thing.  Then... Scout will choose a child to go home with for the weekend. 

We love to hear all about Scout’s amazing adventures on Mondays.

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Settling In

We are now into our sixth week of the Autumn term and we are so pleased with how the children have settled.  They have explored the provision – inside and out – and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  They are becoming accustomed to the routines and making lots of friends.  If you need confirmation of this, then just take a peek at the slide show below!

Hello Autumn!

Autumn has arrived and it’s a sight to behold.  As the leaves on the trees change colour from green to earthy browns and reds, then fall to carpet the ground; there is plenty to see.  The children have been learning all about the changes that happen: colder weather, shorter days, the need for warmer clothes and, of course, the harvesting of delicious fruit and vegetables. Take a little peek at some of the fun we’ve had.

Autumn Walk

We are fortunate to have beautiful school grounds, so when we were given a crisp, sunny day we took the opportunity to go and explore.  The children were delighted to see so many fruit and vegetables in the ‘Grow to Learn’ allotment and they each had chance to pop into the greenhouse.  They loved walking through our ‘forest’ area where we spotted autumn leaves, berries, bird boxes and various fungi.  We identified one type of the fungi as the ‘shaggy ink cap’ – a very pretty mushroom indeed!  Of course, we took a few snaps for you to see.

Seasonal Vegetables - Pumpkins

Pumpkins are popular for many reasons but many children may not have eaten them.  We looked at a lovely story called ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper and wondered what it might taste like.  There was no question about it – we had to make our own and try it.  It looked and tasted amazing and this was summed up by Keira from Reception: “I never knew that pumpkin soup tasted this good!”  Yummy!!!

(If you would like to try this heartwarming soup, the recipe is listed below.)