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Mr W Campbell (Teacher) & Mrs S Downey (Teaching Assistant)


Growing to learn

Our ‘Word of the Week’ was ‘investigating’ and the Nursery children have been planting seeds and finding out how to look after the seeds to enable them to grow.


We have read some very interesting fiction and non-fiction books about growing and the children have been keen to share their own experiences of growing and gardening at home.


The children are watering their seeds each day and are very excited looking for changes. 

The children will all eventually take their pots home.


We are also investigating the world of mini-beasts. The children have been exploring our outside classroom and using the magnifying glasses to study ants, slugs and worms. In addition, as part of our Physical Development, we have been pretending to move like mini-beasts.


It is wonderful to watch the children exploring their surroundings and showing such great enthusiasm for learning.


The children have now settled into the class routine and are working hard. It has been lovely observing their friendships develop, as they explore the classroom and access the resources.


We have been talking about ‘ourselves’ and learning all about each other. The children have enjoyed listening to each other talk about their interests and their family and have created some lovely self-portraits for our display.

We have been enjoying listening to and sharing a variety of stories during our carpet time. We have focussed on listening to rhyme and joining in with key phrases. The children have had a lovely time listening to Julia Donaldson stories and they proved very popular in class!


We have also been doing some marvellous maths!  The children have learned how to name 2 dimensional/flat shapes.  We had a great time being ‘shape investigators’ and finding lots of shapes within both our indoor and outdoor environment.

Look behind you! The children were thrilled when a lion visited us for the day!