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Parents - Some Protocols to follow

We are looking forward to welcoming back all our pupils back to school on Monday 8th March. We will continue to work hard to ensure our school is safe as it can be, having followed all Government guidance to ensure safety and well being of all children and staff.


We continue to follow Public Health Advice to minimise COVID risks:


  • Regular handwashing and sanitising
  • Handwashing on entry/exit/playtimes/lunchtimes
  • Classroom well ventilated at all times with windows and non-fire doors open.
  • Respiratory hygiene, tissues freely available, ‘catch it, bin it, kill it.’
  • Enhanced cleaning arrangements during the school day
  • School will engage with NHS Track and Trace process and liaise with the local health protection team in the event of any child/adult suspected of COVID
  • Procedures in place immediately for any child/adult suspected of COVID


Parents’ protocols


  • Children, parents and carers must not enter the school if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (following the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection)
  • Children displaying symptoms when in school will be isolated and parents will be contacted to collect their child immediately.
  • If your child has COVID-19 symptoms you must arrange for them to be tested. If they test positive they must self-isolate for 7 days.
  • Please be advised that school cannot guarantee to be able to keep your children socially distant. We will be reminding children regularly and posters within PODs and around school reinforce the 2 metre social distancing recommendation.
  • The children will wear their school uniform and will bring in their PE kit ONLY on the day that they will be doing PE. This will then be taken straight home. PE kits will not be kept in school.
  • Children are to use book bags and cannot bring rucksacks in, as these will be kept under their table.
  • The children will be eating lunch within their PODs and must bring in a named water bottle for use throughout the day. This will be taken home with them each day.



Drop Off/ Pick Up


  • Children must be brought to school by one adult only.
  • Parents/carers must wear a mask covering when entering the school grounds.
  • Children are to be dropped off and picked up at their POD door.
  • Please do not arrive early as this can lead to unnecessary congestion.
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times whilst on the school site and follow the one-way system.
  • If you will be using public transport, please read for further information:
  • Drop off/Pick up times will be staggered to minimise congestion and groupings of large numbers around the school.


Drop Off Pick up

8.30am Children whose surname falls between A to F 2.40pm

8.40am Children whose surname falls between G to O 2.50pm

8.50am Children whose surname falls between P to Z 3.00pm


Pick up time will remain the same for Nursery - 2.30pm


We are fully confident that we have a safe environment for the children to return. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support and patience over this last lockdown in your child’s/children’s learning and hope that this has been the last lockdown that we will have. The whole school community has pulled together to make remote, blended learning take place and we are so grateful to everyone - parents/carers/teachers/ TAs for the amazing effort that this has been over so many weeks. We are really looking forward to having the children back into school and hope that we can continue to see COVID cases reducing and the virus minimising in our community.