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We are very proud of all the children who attended French Club.  Well done.

Crazy about counting

We are very proud of the progress our Reception children are making with their counting. Lots of the Reception children can now count past 100!


We have had lots of fun learning to count in two’s, five’s and ten’s. We have made a new display in our classroom using socks to help us count in two’s and gloves for counting in fives. We couldn’t decide what to use to help us count in tens. Luckily the children came up with the fantastic idea of using pictures of their feet to help us count in tens.




The children have had great fun playing games on our class counting abacus and the 100 square chalk board in our outside classroom. We have also been singing a super counting song about a Leprechaun who needs help counting his gold.


Super smart and looking the part!

All of the Reception children now have the new school P.E. kit and look super smart for P.E.


We are very impressed with how quickly the children can get changed for P.E. and how many can do this independently. Keep practising tricky buttons at home!


The class are making excellent progress in P.E. and have started practising for Sports Day.



Deadly Dinosaurs

The Reception children had a wonderful surprise this week! We all enjoyed a visit from the ‘dinosaur man’.


The children listened intently as he talked about the fantastic objects he had brought with him. We had the opportunity to look at and touch; a dinosaur’s leg,

teeth, a mould of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s foot, a replica dinosaur skull, a real-life egg, a hand claw from a Velociraptor and a stubby claw from a T-Rex.


Reception answered some tricky questions and the dinosaur man was very impressed with their knowledge. We were fascinated to discover that their teeth simply grow back if they break! We certainly developed our knowledge of dinosaurs thanks to the dinosaur man.


The children asked interesting questions and showed great enthusiasm for learning. We were very proud of the wonderful vocabulary they used and the confident way the children asked their questions.

An Amazing Adventure

We enjoyed reading ‘The Tunnel’ story by Anthony Browne. The children explored the character’s feelings and how they changed during the story.


We stopped at the point where Jack entered the tunnel. We imagined that Rose did not follow him but instead left her brother a letter under a stone.


Some of the children wrote amazing letters which showed how much they empathised with the characters.  It was wonderful listening to the children ‘Fred Talking’ unfamiliar words to help them with their spelling.  We were proud of their use of capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops and their ability to read their own work to check it through.


We later imagined that Rose returned home to tell her mum that Jack had vanished.

We enjoyed a hot seating activity where Ava pretended to be Rose. The children took it in turns to pretend to be police officers and asked Rose questions about Jack’s disappearance.


The children were confident as they questioned Rose and came up with really good ideas. We were very impressed with their clear display of understanding of the story events and the changing feelings of the characters.


Ava also did a fantastic job of answering the questions in her role as Rose.


Following this hot seating activity, some children were inspired to write their own list of questions that the police could ask Rose. 


Countdown to Christmas

We are so proud of our children for working so hard in the lead up to Christmas. They have shown great enthusiasm for learning the songs and actions for our Christmas Nativity- Whoopsa-Daisy-Angel. It is wonderful to see the children speaking so confidently on stage. The rehearsals have gone well and we are looking forward to performing in front of family and friends this week.

Halewood Child of Excellence

We have had a wonderful half-term learning about the Christian value – Wisdom. We have explored the meaning of the word and shared Bible stories. We have also learned about the importance of respecting our elders.


It was lovely to come together in collective worship to celebrate our ‘children of excellence’ this half term- congratulations to Savanna Martin and Nathan Coventry.


We have had great fun learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We made a Mind Map and recorded in black what we already knew about Diwali. We found out more facts about celebrating Diwali by reading fiction and non-fiction books. Some children conducted their own research at home on their iPads and computers and found out more information. We reviewed our Mind Map and added new facts in a different colour each day.


We also watched a film about a boy called Shyam and how his family prepare for their Diwali celebrations. It was interesting to see him visiting a temple with his family to light candles and say prayers. We talked about their traditions and recognised some similarities to the way we prepare to celebrate Christmas as they send cards, give presents, decorate their homes, wear special clothes and prepare a family meal.


During the week, we set up an inter-active Diwali display so that the children could explore some of the objects that Hindu’s have in their houses during Diwali. At the end of the week we enjoyed our own Diwali celebration day, linking together all of the learning we had done.


Many children had their hands decorated with Mehndi patterns. The children showed great patience in waiting for the henna ink to dry before washing it off. A few children recognised that some of the Mehndi designs were symmetrical.


After looking at pictures of Indian dancers with dandia sticks, we set the children a challenge to make their own dandia sticks in the workshop. Many children made fantastic dandia sticks and decorated them with repeating patterns. We played Bhangra songs and had great fun moving to the beat of the music.

We learned a Diwali song and performed it with actions:


It’s Diwali, festival of light,

All the divas are twinkling bright.

Saal Mubarak, Happy New Year,

We’re so happy Diwali’s here.

It’s Diwali, festival of light,

All the divas are twinkling bright.


Many children worked in the writing area and made beautiful Diwali cards for their friends. We enjoyed using coloured chalks in the outside classroom to create Rangoli patterns. The children were also highly involved exploring coloured glass beads and designed some fantastic patterns.


During the week the children made Barfi- a dense milk based sweet confectionary from India. The children followed a recipe, measured the ingredients and stirred them together. They explored how to change the colour of the mixture by combining natural food colourings. The mixture was left to set in the fridge ready for the class party at the end of the week.


Children had the opportunity to enjoy home-made Indian food and everyone was keen to sample the dishes. A few children were spotted making several visits to the buffet table! Some children thought of fantastic adjectives to describe the taste.

The children had great fun choosing traditional saris and coloured bindis to wear. The teachers dressed up in traditional Hindu costumes and a great day was had by all!


It was fantastic to observe the enthusiasm the class had in learning about other cultures, communities and traditions. The children displayed high levels of involvement during the week and it was amazing to watch them develop their ideas and extend their own learning.


It was lovely to see the children arriving in school so excited to start our own celebrations. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the Foundation stage Unit as the children wandered from activity to activity, encouraging each other to participate.


This week (w/c 9.11.2015) we will be learning about the Hindu Festival – Diwali.  We intend to decorate the children’s hands with Mehndi designs, using natural henna ink.  We will also be tasting a variety of Indian foods. 


If your child has an allergy or you do not wish them to participate in either of these activities then please inform one of the Foundation Stage team.


Thank you for your continued support.


Wonderful Woodland Walk (w/c 19/10/2015)


Our word of the week is ‘seasons’ and we have been learning about autumn. We worked together to create a Mind Map detailing facts we already knew about autumn. We have been sharing fiction and non-fiction books and researching this topic on the computers. We are continually adding to our Mind Map and have been impressed by their enthusiasm and knowledge.


We all enjoyed our woodland walk and spotted many signs of autumn. The children found lots of interesting leaves and used fantastic vocabulary to describe them. We discussed the colour, size and texture of the leaves as we explored our wonderful woodland.

A Super Start!

The children have now settled into the Reception class routine and are working hard. It has been lovely observing their friendships develop, as they explore the classroom and access the resources independently.

We are extremely proud of the way they have been following the class rules and have been so enthusiastic about their learning.

Our Fantastic Families

We have been talking about ‘our fantastic families’.  The children have enjoyed listening to each other talk about their family photographs, which are now on display in our classroom.

Reading Rocks!

There are lots of opportunities to read in school. It is a pleasure to see so many children sharing stories with ‘Story Bear’ or getting cosy in our ‘book nook’. Our ‘listening lair’ is very popular and even Huggie Bear has been using the headphones carefully to listen to a story!

Our Favourite Books

It has been wonderful to listen to the children speak so enthusiastically about their favourite books from home.

Home Reading Books

Each child has now been issued with a home reading book. We consider reading to be of great importance and the key to all other aspects of learning, as it impacts on everything a child does.

Each week your child will come home with a new reading book. Please encourage your child to read this book to you, several times, until they are familiar with the words and demonstrate a good level of understanding. Always encourage your child to stop if what they have read does not make sense and have another go. Please write a comment in the Reading Record book. This needs to be brought into school each day with the child’s home reader. The staff will record in this book when they have worked with your child on a specific reading activity.

Black History Week

We always welcome the opportunity to explore and learn about other cultures. We have recently enjoyed celebrating Black History Week. We had the opportunity to learn some African Dancing and we all had great fun performing in the hall.


Everyone has been issued with a password to access online games. Mathletics is an inspiring and engaging online platform for improving and reinforcing maths skills. The website is designed to inspire children with the desire to learn and the confidence to succeed!

Please help your child log onto Mathletics and enjoy hours of educational fun!


Number Detectives

We have been working hard to improve our counting and number recognition skills.

We challenged the children to be number detectives and photograph different ways of representing numbers. Each child was given 1 number to focus on. Some detectives found fantastic examples of numbers in the environment.


We have enjoyed examining their evidence and listening to each detective explain the results of their investigations.


Great work detectives! We will post more photographs as soon as their mission is completed.

Harvest Festival

We have enjoyed learning about and celebrating Harvest Festival.

We read a non-fiction book to help us understand why we celebrate this special time of the year.


We reflected on the importance of thinking of others and sharing. The children kindly brought food parcels into school to take Church. We also performed a song called ‘Let’s Harvest’ and learned sign language to accompany the song.


A few days later, we were invited back to Church to enjoy the Harvest Experience. The children listened carefully to Rev. Fox and we gave thanks to God for all of the wonderful things we have.

Global Handwashing Day

On Thursday, 15th October, we participated in Global Handwashing Day.


Over 100 countries took part in this day which was dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.


We considered children in other countries who don’t have access to clean water and soap and reflected on how lucky we are. After working with our Talk Partners, we created a Mind Map of all the times we should wash our hands.


We shared a story about a little girl who wouldn’t wash her hands and then suffered from a tummy bug. We all learned how to wash our hands properly and Oliver did a fantastic demonstration at the front of the class.

Reception high frequency words

The following words are called ‘high frequency’ words.  Children should be able to read and spell them, by the end of the school year.  We will be sending home a few words to learn each week.