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Teacher - Mrs S. Davidson  Teaching assistant - Mrs J. Quirk 


A very warm welcome to our Reception class page.  

A super start

Mrs Quirk and I are so pleased with the way all of the children have settled into Reception. Those children who did not attend our nursery have made lots of new friends and are becoming familiar with our routines.  Every day the children learn something new which is a delight to see.  We are becoming quicker at changing for PE and are learning the importance of tidying up safely and quickly.  We hope you enjoy following our exciting learning journey on our class page.


Some reminders

  • PE kits should be left in school all week. Although PE is planned for Fridays sometimes we do need to change the day.
  • Reading books must come to school each day.  Our home reading target is for children to read at least 4 times each week.  Please sign your child’s reading diary when they have read so that we know they have read at home. 
  • Hair accessories should be small and blue or grey please.
  • Check all items of uniform are named.
  • Each week the children will have some sounds to practise in their phonics folders.  Forming the letters carefully is really important as habits form quickly and it is difficult to undo incorrect formation habits later on.
  • If you have any concerns at all about your child, please make an appointment at the school office.
  • Snack money £2 per week can be paid weekly or termly.
  • If your child is absent due to illness please write a letter explaining the reasons for absence on their return to school.  We can cope very well with coughs and colds.  You are welcome to come and top up Calpol or anti-biotics at lunchtime if required.  Unfortunately we cannot administer any non-prescription medicines or antibiotics, other than inhalers.



Key information about Reception

‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’, J. Addison

Keyword champions

We have sent the children home with a set of keywords to practise.  In Reception there are 45 words for the children to read. These are the words which cannot be sounded out.  The children become a keyword champion on our Hall of Fame once they can read all 45 words.  Last year we had our first 'keyword champion' before Christmas, can we have more champions this year?

Our learning has been based upon these super books which have helped us to think about our emotions.

Reception have written their very own Colour Monster story. A perfect bedtime story!

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by reading The Enormous Crocodile. He then made an appearance in our classroom during COOL time!

Happy Birthday to you! 🍰 5 years old.

We love our outdoor classroom.

Playing playground games - 30.9.19

Marvellous music

Today Johnny from Class Sounds performed for the children in Collective Worship.  The children absolutely loved listening to the songs and watching some of the older children trying out some of the instruments.  We hope it will inspire the children to develop their own love of music.

Class Sounds Performance 30.9.19

Still image for this video

This week is our Harvest Festival - 3.10.19

1.30pm at St Nicholas' Church, Church Road.




Liverpool Diocesan Trust Inset Day 11.10.19

School will be closed on this day as all teaching staff and teaching assistants within the Academy schools will be attending training.

Creative construction

Let’s get physical!

Little Miss Measure - comparing the heights of the children

Happy Birthday Emily!

Hair salon - role play - great excitement!

Oreo’s amazing adventures - it’s lovely listening to the children sharing their experiences with Oreo

Tiny Tasters begins after half term - Please note the new day is Wednesday

Thank you Thea for taking such great care of Oreo

Can you guess which story we are reading at the moment?

I love working with young children....Mrs Davidson we have the same eyebrows!

Welcome to our Christian family 18.10.19

We hope you enjoy reading your new Bibles.

We are so proud of our keyword champions - keep practising the words regularly so that you too can join our hall of fame!

Autumn 2

Diwali celebrations 🎉

Our Diwali celebration is always a highlight of the year.  It is so important for the children to learn about other faiths and make simple comparisons to Christianity.  During last week they watched videos, read non-fiction books, learned songs about Diwali, experienced mehndi patterns, built temples and wore traditional saris and shalwar kameez.  They were brilliant at re-telling the story of Rama and Sita and asked to watch the story several times.  They remembered how Hanuman the monkey could fly over mountains and seas.  On Friday we ate some traditional vegetarian Indian food, which was very popular with the children.  

PPRD - Parents Evening Thursday 21st November 1-7pm

This week a letter will come home asking you to choose a 10 minute time slot to meet with Mrs Davidson.  Your child’s learning journal and book will be available for you to look at during the afternoon.


On the 21st November, your child will need to be picked up from school at 12 noon.  They must then return with you at your appointment time in order to get their afternoon attendance mark.  


While we we try our best to accommodate your time requests we often have to coordinate with siblings in other classes and sometimes have lots of people wanting the same time. 


A Scholastic Book Fair is usually in the entrance to the hall during PPRD selling a range of books.


We look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you.

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Quirk

What a busy term of learning!

Curious, inquisitive learners - ice exploration

Our super gardeners - preparing our environment for winter

Brilliant story writing

Spontaneous rehearsals!

Practise makes perfect

Still image for this video

We’re going on a baby hunt - Christmas Nativity

Dress rehearsal- sneak preview 9.12.19

Performance ready - we look amazing!

Christmas Jumper Day - Save the children fund raising

Congratulations to our fabulous children of excellence for the theme of ‘Thankfulness’ 🏅⭐️😊

A funny song to end the year!

Still image for this video

Feeling very loved and blessed ❤

Thank you so much for all of the generous gifts and Christmas wishes.  We absolutely love teaching your children they are amazing!  Have a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes for 2020.  Much love, Mrs Davidson and Mrs Quirk. Xx

Spring  term 1 🐣

Happy New Year!


Picture News

Today’s picture news (PSHE) session was all about the Australian bush fires.  We watched an Australian news report which showed the fire and showed some animals drinking water from humans.  We talked about how people needed to be evacuated and that  the fire

was described as an inferno.  We also tried to help the children to understand that Australia is a very big country and that Mrs Davidson’s family members who are there are all safe.  To ensure the children were not distressed we talked about how when the fires are over there will be lots of new baby animals and we decided that the animals were very clever to ask the humans for water.  Some of the children volunteered to pray for the people and animals in Australia which was lovely.

Chinese New Year

Cool 😎 number facts using the part whole model

We love celebrating achievements outside of school - Fantastic news, Katie! 🌟🏅🤸‍♂️

Congratulations to our first keyword champions of 2020. We are very proud of you!

It is amazing to see the rest of the children getting so excited when we add a new keyword champion to our hall of fame.  They love celebrating each other’s success which is brilliant. 🏆🙂

Further developing our interest in China following Chinese New Year to learn about the Moon Festival and Chinese markets

Money, money, money

Hand hygiene workshop - we used a special cream to find the germs on our hands. The germs went white when we put our hands under the ultra violet lamp. We then practised washing our hands very carefully.

Parents' Phonics Workshop 6.2.20

We love 💕 celebrating with our Children of Excellence - Congratulations to Blake and Issy 🏅⭐️

Spring term 2 

Thank you Harry for sharing your special t-shirt with us. The ‘Virtuali-tee’ app uses virtual reality technology to show the children inside their body - Amazing!

Can you spot skeleton’s injury? 👀

We are super excited to see how the children explore our new Sonic enhancement next week.

We are all ready for World Book Day - Traditional Tales theme

World Book Day - the children looked amazing - Thank you! 😊

Diversity - learning about different cultures through story - Handa’s Surprise enhancement

Science Week 9.3.20