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What our parents have to say

We are thrilled with our son's report.  He has developed enormously over the past year.  We are very thankful for all of the hard work from the teachers for caring for him, nurturing him and supporting him with additional classes. This has clearly been of benefit looking at his great results.  Thank you all.


Our daughter's development spiritually, academically and socially is once again so evident in the wonderful, inspiring and motivational comments from her teacher and Head teacher. We are very proud of our daughter. Very happy parents!


We are very proud of our son's achievements this past year and were moved by the comments in his report.  We would like to thank his teachers for all their encouragement, ensuring our son reaches his full potential.  We look forward to him doing even better next year.


It has been wonderful watching our daughter grow through school.  I'm bursting with pride reading her report and hope she continues in High School.  Thank you to all the staff for helping her grow into an amazing young lady.


We are delighted with our daughter's report and very proud of her progress academically and personally this year.  Thank you very much for your comments and we look forward to supporting your work with our daughter in year 5.


We are very proud of our son's progress and performance this year.  He has worked really hard which is reflected in his report.  We were particularly proud after reading his teacher's comments and look forward to all the new and exciting learning opportunities in Year 4.