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Year 1

Miss T Crosbee (Teacher)

Mrs K Dowling (Teaching Assistant)

Music Week w/c 16.1.2017

Year 1 had a fantastic fun-filled week of music as they experienced various genres and loved being introduced to a bit of Country & Western.  Yeehaw!!!


Meeting an author

What an exciting opportunity Year 1 and 2 had on Friday 4th November when we met author Tracey Corderoy!  We loved listening to her fantastic stories about Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam and learning to draw one of her main characters, Slippery Sam.  We were all truly inspired.


Outdoor Learning

Year 1 think outdoor learning is great.


Finger Puppet Fun in Year 1


Year 1 love using the equipment to help with their maths work.


Y1 have been thinking about the importance of talking to others if something is bothering them.