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Year 1

Miss L Sudworth (Teacher) and Mrs K Dowling (Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to Year 1!

I am extremely proud of my Year 1 class. They have settled into our routines and are working very hard in everything they do.


Square! Circle! Triangle!

Can you guess what Year 1 have been learning about this week?
Look at the shapes we made with our bodies and natural materials we found outside.

Our trip to National Trust- Formby beach, dune and strandline investigations.

Year 1 were fantastic on our trip out to Formby beach. Thank you to all our helpers for making it such a fantastic day. Look at what we got up to.

Design and Technology- Dinosaur Puppets, Roarrr!

We have been designing and making Dinosaur puppets. First we designed our puppet and decided what we wanted it to look like. Then we started to sew our pieces together. Finally we decorated our puppets by adding features such as eyes, tail and sharp teeth. Our puppets look fantastic!



Year 1 have been FANTASTIC this week, learning about greater and less than!

We met Charlie the Crocodile who LOVES to eat the biggest number. They all worked very hard. Well done!!

Music Week

What an exciting week we have had. We have been busy learning a song and putting actions to it. Let's all sing a travelling song and they did a brilliant job. They all put in 100% and were FANTASTIC.
Also during the week we had lots of opportunities to play instruments in a percussion workshop with musicians from Fiddler Music. Some great talents in our class. Take a look below at what we got up to.


It's Christmas!

Year 1 had a fantastic time going through the Christmas journey. We learnt about the Christmas story of Jesus, met some important characters and created some crafts. Have a look at the Christmas Journey!

Reading for pleasure

Year 1 LOVE reading books in our new, cool reading area and other settings in school. As a class we love bringing in our own books from home and enjoy reading them together as a class.

Explore to Learn: Changes.

Year 1 have been learning about Changes.


We have explored the different seasons and used different art materials to create a display to show our learning. We also enjoyed going on a autumn walk and walking through the fallen leaves.


Explore to Learn: Victorian Schools

Year 1 are learning about the changes between Victorian and modern day schools. The children are enjoying exploring pictures, photographs and artefacts and enjoying learning about the rules and routines that were used in school (the cane was a favourite). We love our new Victorian role play area and some of the children even dressed up as Victorian teachers and school children. We enjoyed the Victorian workshop who taught us about what it would have been like living as a child in the Victorian times.


Year 1 have been learning about familiar stories and focused on Little Red Riding Hood. We had lots of fun using drama to act out the story. Enjoy!


Year 1 have been working hard, learning number facts to 20.

Year 1 exploring 2D shapes and creating a 2D shape picture. We enjoyed our shape hunt around school and found lots of different 2D shapes.

Black History Week

Year 1 have been learning about Nelson Mandela. We first created a mind map of questions we wanted to find out. We created a profile, using facts we have learnt about Nelson Mandela and drew a portrait of him.  We had lots of fun  singing 'Free Nelson Mandela'.