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Year 2

Mrs S Davidson (Teacher)

Mrs K Dukalska (Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to Year 2


We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning in Year 2.



Congratulations to our wonderful 'Children of Excellence' for the theme of generosity. We are very proud of you!

Top of the league - Congratulations boys!

End of Year success! Well done boys!

Our excellent Seaside projects - such enthusiastic learners!

Exploring our wonderful microhabitats at Halewood C of E

Super news Faye!

Aspirations day 10.7.17 Aiming high for the future

Thank you for all of your hard work with your Seaside projects Year 2 frownno

Super sports day

Den day 23.6.17

We have built our dens - What a brilliant day! Super dens and super team work - Well done, Year 2!

What's the time Mr Wolf?

Congratulations Milly and Lucy - great achievements :-)


The designs are underway...

Den Day - Friday 23rd June

We can't wait to build our dens in Year 2.  Budding den designers and builders will start to plan their project on Tuesday afternoon. 

Fantastic results in the Sumdog contest - We love maths!

Sumdog Knowsley maths contest starts 8am Friday 16th June


Children who play between 8am 16.6.17 and 8pm 22.6.17 and complete 100 questions will win prizes for their Sumdog house. We are aiming to get as many questions correct as possible to be top of Knowsley.


A fantastic day at Knowsley Safari Park

Thank you Year 2 for such an enjoyable trip to the Safari Park.  You were amazing! smiley

We have been comparing African and Javan rhinos. Do you know the differences between them?

Prowling lions up ahead!

Still image for this video
More pictures to come soon.

Our Explore to Learn theme this term is At the Seaside

Shortly the children will be given a short project to research a U.K. seaside town.  They will have two weeks to complete their project.


Read, read, read!

Although SATs are over we are still aiming to read at least 5 times a week to be able to enter our names into Mr Smith's golden box.  The children may read their own books too. It doesn't always have to be their school book.  Please sign your child's reading diary each time they read.


Spell, Spell, Spell!

Please practice spelling the common exception words for Year 2 regularly.


Times table challenge

We will be assessing the children on their x2, x5 and x10 times tables to see whether they have achieved bronze, silver, gold or platinum before the end of term.  Please practice the times tables in and out of order.  Thank you!

This term's theme is Generosity

Twitter challenge - Real life maths

Have you tweeted a picture of real life maths yet?  It could be a car registration number, house number, opening times on a shop, playing a game with a points score, menu with prices... Try to find the most creative use of everyday maths you can.


We heart maths in Year 2!

Tuesday 13th June is our trip to Knowsley Safari Park.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day!

Congratulations to Lucy and Alex our Children of Excellence for the theme of Hope

Fun Science - exploring how germs are spread

We are very proud of Year 2

Year 2 SATS

We will be doing our special quizzes during the week of 15th and 22nd May to enable us to work with the children in smaller groups.

Please continue to prepare your child at home by completing homework tasks.  It is essential that the children are in school during the two weeks.

The children are working extremely hard at the moment and we are very proud of them.frown

Year 2 trip to Knowsley Safari Park 13.6.17

Letters will be sent home this week detailing our trip.

World Faith Day 5.5.17

Tomorrow is our World Faith Day.  We will be learning about Judaism. 

Super attendance Year 2 - Keep it up! 

Last week we were 100%.  Well done, Year 2!  We are very proud of you.

In Collective Worship this week we planted a seed of Hope.

We are looking forward to taking care of our tiny seed and nurturing it as it grows.

Take the gulp challenge- Can you stay fizzy drink free for 3 weeks?

This term's theme is Hope

Happy Easter! We hope you have a lovely holiday.

Child of Excellence - Perseverance

Congratulations to Alfie and Oscar our super Children of Excellence this term.smiley

Philosophy for Children - P4C - What would you do?

Fantastic attendance this term Year 2 - Keep it up!

Bible Tales - Lent

Fun in the sun - Comic Relief - Red Nose Day

Outdoor Learning

Bar Models at Love Learning Club

D.T. Look at our amazing fire engines inspired by our visit from the fire engine during our Fire! Fire! topic.

The children worked in teams to design and make their fire engines.  They selected their own materials and used a range of skills including painting, cutting, sticking and evaluating.  The children really paid attention to detail. Our fire engines have hoses, blue lights, stairs up to the cab, ladders and even transparent windscreens.  Superb!no


The children took a letter and a sponsorship card home on Thursday.  Please help your child to set their own target for reading over the three weeks.  

Exploring properties of 2d shapes - Shape building

Fun Maths Roadshow 28.2.17 Liverpool University Maths Department

Year 2 had great fun working with their Year 6 Maths Champions and buddies to solve the problems.  What exciting maths it was!

Reminder - Swimming/ PE

If your child cannot do PE or go swimming for a medical or other reason, please can you write me a short note explaining why?  Thank you.

World Book Day 2nd March


Have you got your costumes ready?  We have some fun activities planned for Thursday.

Liverpool University Maths Society

We are very excited that the Fun Maths Roadshow is coming to school on Tuesday.

We will add some photos later this week.



Our new topic is Carnival of the Animals

Camille Saint Saëns wrote The Carnival of the Animals.  He was an extremely talented French composer who started to play the piano when he was just two years old.  Although he wrote this piece of music as a bit of a joke and only wanted the more serious 'Swan' movement to be released, all 14 movements were produced and it was a great success showing just how brilliant Saint Saëns was.  We began by listening to the first 7 movements.  We enjoyed wearing elephant masks to move like the elephants described in the music.

Elephant music

Story maps - The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood - Twisted Tales

Healthy Eating Workshop - Top tips for healthy teeth

Fun with Fractions

What fraction of Lego in each arrangement of Lego is yellow?

Playtime fun!

Read, Read, Read!

Read 5 times a week at home to receive a special sticker from Mr Smith in your reading diary and to enter your name into the golden box for a chance of winning a book prize.

Congratulations to our fantastic Children of Excellence for the theme of Courage: Finley and Ellie. We are very proud of you!

Safer Internet Day

Great team work comparing different versions of Little Red Riding Hood

English - Traditional tales with a twist

World Faith Day - Buddhism

We made some origami lotus flowers.  

The lotus flower symbolises purity and divine birth.
The lotus flower grows in mud at the bottom of a pool, but rises above the surface to become a beautiful flower. Buddhists say this is how people should rise above everything which is dukkha. A flower may be very beautiful and have a wonderful scent, but it soon withers and dies. This shows that nothing in life is perfect.

Science - Investigating waterproof materials

We have been learning about Charles Macintosh and his method for making materials waterproof. 

Christian Value - Courage

This week we are thinking about 'Standing firm'.

Our very own ice sculpture - It's amazing!

Read! Read! Read!

Keep up the super reading at home Year 2.  Some of our children have doubled their comprehension scores since the Autumn...Fantastic - keep it up!

Year 2 are looking forward to the Ice Sculpture tomorrow. Chilly art work!

Music Week

Last week was Music week and Year 2 learned about Latin Music.  We enjoyed a great music workshop and also learned about Salsa music. We were super at recognising the instruments being played.  Did you know 'Salsa' means sauce in Spanish?  We enjoyed watching Samba dances and music on Strictly Come Dancing and also listening to lots of different pieces of Latin music as well as making some music of our own with the percussion instruments.  We hope you like our pictures.


  • Please practice x2,5,10 timetables every week and also counting forward and backwards in steps of 3.
  • Sumdog - activities have been set for our class
  • 'e' books - access lots of new books
  • Swimming kits every Friday please
  • PE kits in all week please
  • Love Learning Club starts again next Monday (9th January) - I look forward to seeing you all there.

Spring 2017

A busy first week

Already this term Year 2 have been very busy.  This week we have been swimming, made paper aeroplanes and tested them and baked some delicious chocolate chip shortbread  - What busy children we have been!

We followed instructions to make paper aeroplanes.

Here is the recipe if you would like to try them again at home.

Remember to ask an adult to put the shortbread into the oven and take them out again when they are baked.

Happy New Year!smiley

Thank you so much for our Christmas gifts. Happy Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you to all of the children in Year 2 for working so hard this term.  Thank you also to our parents for your continued support.  We couldn't do it without your help.  Great team work!  

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas holiday.  See you in the New Year.  

With very best wishes from the Year 2 team.

Congratulations to our Children of Excellence: Zac and Kyle. We are very proud of you! What lovely responsible boys they are!

Christmas Homework

Please practice the 2, 5, 10 timetables and count on and back in steps of 3.  Please also continue to go over the spellings from this last term to make sure the children are really confident with them.  Thank you.


Swimming begins after Christmas on Friday afternoons.  Please ensure that your child has a swimming hat and suitable swimming trunks or costume (no bikinis) as detailed in last week's letter.

Talk Day

We have been very impressed by the children's talks from the point of view of a child in the time of the Fire of London.  Great empathy and lots of super expanded noun phrases to describe the fire.  Well done, Year 2!


Christmas Jumper Day 16.12.16 - Thank you for your generosity

Born in a Barn - a snapshot of the pigs

Still image for this video

Born in a Barn - Our Christmas Nativity 2016

In just 6 days these wonderful children put on a brilliant performance.  Well done Year two we are so proud of you!

Our Christmas Elf

Our Christmas Elf arrived on a crisp Monday morning two weeks ago and every day since the children have dashed into class eager to see what he has been up to.  We have written Elf diaries detailing his antics.  He's gone back to Father Christmas now and we are sad to see him

The Christmas Journey - Bridge Chapel - R.E. Thank you Bridge Chapel for our lovely gift.

Explore to Learn - Belle Vale Fire Brigade Visit - Real reasons for Writing - Fire! Fire!

Hockey skills- We are sporty children in Year 2!

Year 2 were the winners of the PE kit challenge

Healthy eating workshop

We made a yummy banana and strawberry smoothie today.  It was delicious and full of healthy fruit.  

Here's how we did it:

First we cut the fruit up small.

Then we mashed it up.

Next we added honey and milk.

After that we blended it together in a food blender.  

Finally we tasted our delicious smoothie.  Yummy!


 First we cut the fruit up small.  Then honey and milk were added and the fruit was blended in a food blender to make a delicious smoothie.


Children in Need


Look at our superb gymnasts practising their skills.‚Äč



Remembrance Day - 11th November 2016



Look at us wearing our poppies with pride!  In Collective Worship we discussed the qualities a soldier at war would require.  We recorded them on our poppy outline.

Computing - CLC day with Kitty

We learned how to use algorithms to make our own game using Sketch Nation.  We even created our own characters.  It was great fun!


Year 2 investigated the materials which would make the best insulator for a bird's nest.  We made predictions and then measured the temperature at 2 minute intervals.  Can you guess which material was the best insulator from: sand, feathers, wood, cotton wool and leaves?


Meeting an Author

What an exciting opportunity Year 1 and 2 had on Friday 4th November when we met author Tracey Corderoy!  We loved listening to her fantastic stories about Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam and learning to draw one of her main characters, Slippery Sam.  We were all truly inspired.


London's Burning!


Houses from 1666

We worked as a team to gather all of the parts we needed to make our houses from 1666. We used leaves for the flames, wooden sticks to represent the wooden beams and mixed a colour which was similar to the wattle and daub used back in 1666 to paint the houses for our display.


Play in a Day


Today we are creating a play in a day.  We are having so much fun.  Thank you to Katy from Altru Drama.


We have been studying stories from familiar settings.  We enjoyed reading The Naughty Bus and will be making our own E book in computing very soon.

Poetry by Levi Tafari - Black History Week - Diversity


During Black History week.  Year 2 learned about Mary Seacole and how she helped the British soldiers during the Crimean war.  We then looked at poetry by Liverpool, Jamaican poet Levi Tafari.  His poetry portrays strong messages about diversity. We learned about what this word means and then created our own poem based upon his poem: The First Woman in my Life.  Can you guess who he wrote about?  The clever children in Year 2 did!


We giggled at our fluffy shirts on the first day - very smart new jumpers!!




Congratulations to all our summer reading challenge participants.  If we haven't taken your picture we still think you have read wonderfully!




Our topic this term is Fire! Fire!



In PE we have been developing our football skills.