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Year 2

Mrs S Davidson (Teacher) and

Mrs K Dukalska (Teaching Assistant)

Welcome to Year 2!


Aspirations Day

Thank you to all our fabulous speakers.  We all learned so much!  Brilliant questions from our super Year 2.

Evie has been exploring Monet's technique at home, she has reproduced his 'Waterlilies' painting brilliantly.  We are all going to have a go this week!


Look at our fantastic displays: Message in a bottle, Julia Donaldson and our fabulous riddles - What am I?

Play in a day - Under the Sea

Empty Classroom day - maths trail

We followed a maths trail all around our school grounds.  Can you see how many children fitted into the football goal?


We supported Year 6 with their Blythswood project by buying lolly ices - Yum! Yum!

World Faith Day - Sikhism

Our Trip to Formby - Habitats

Our trip to National Trust - Formby beach, dunes and woods

Well the sun was shining...just take a look! Thank you to all our helpers for making it such a wonderful day.

Butterflies, butterflies!

Thank you Sophie for bringing your wonderful butterfly garden to show us.


Design and Technology - Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!

We have been designing and making Rapunzel towers.  First we colour mixed shades of grey.  Then we printed the brick pattern onto it.  Finally we decorated our towers by adding a roof, grass, vines and Rapunzel's hair.  Our towers look fantastic!

Formby Trip

A reminder that Year 1 and 2 are off on our summer trip to Formby Point on Wednesday 10th June. 

  • Please bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Bring a waterproof coat and sun hat ( to cover all eventualities)
  • Wear sensible shoes - we will be going on the sand


Please arrive promptly for school, as we will be leaving as soon as possible after 9 o'clock to maximise our time at Formby.  Thank you.

Welcome to the summer term in Year 2. This term's 'Explore to Learn' topic is Seaside, so we will shortly be going on our trip to Formby Point. Letters went home on Friday. If you did not receive one, please let me know.

P.E. Kits

Our PE days at the moment are Tuesday and Friday. We ask that the children bring their kits into school on Monday and leave them all week, just incase of any changes to our timetable. P.E. is a statutory part of our curriculum and the children can only participate fully in the correct kit. Thank you.


Birdie! Eagle! Fore!
Can you guess what Year 2 have been playing this week?
Look at our budding golfers in action, practising their chipping and putting and designing their own golf courses.

Measuring mass

The children have had fun this week, exploring mass, and reading scales.

Baking Bread

Year 2 treated the school to the delightful smell of baking bread last Thursday afternoon. We made bread as part of Science topic on materials and with a little help from Paul Hollywood we learned how to make bread, looking at the materials before and after they were baked. The children enjoyed manipulating the dough into different shapes as they examined forces too. We tasted the bread with some jam on Friday. The verdict...the best bread Alfie C had ever tasted!


The Easter Experience - St Mary's Church 26th March

Science Week (w/c 20.3.2015)

Well, what an exciting week our budding scientists have had, topped off by a very exciting partial Eclipse.  As well as continuing our materials topic, looking at materials which would make a good shoelace, Year 2 also took part in three workshops:


  1. Lava Lamps
  2. Floating fruit
  3. Wild Workshop – Animals


Finally we observed the Eclipse, using water trays to ensure we didn’t look at the dangerously bright sun.


The children displayed brilliant investigative skills during the workshops and were praised by Steven who delivered our ‘Wild workshop’ as being the most knowledgeable class he had spoken to (even up to Year 6!!) AMAZING!


In Art this term we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his style.  Look at our super display. 


We have twisted the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and also studied an amazing book by Anthony Browne – Into the Forest.  The children have produced some brilliant writing.  Here are some pictures of our display.

Healthy Talks

The school health team have been working with Year 2 during the last two weeks to help us to learn about the importance of healthy diet, exercise and dental care.  Year 2 children are very knowledgeable about how to keep themselves healthy.

Remember 2 minutes of tooth brushing morning and night. 

Did you know there are 8 spoonfuls of sugar in a bottle of Lucozade and

6 spoonfuls in a can of coke?

Bully busters

On Thursday Shelley from Bully busters, Merseyside came to school to speak to Year one and two.  She was very impressed with our amazing vocabulary to describe how someone might feel if they were being bullied. 



  • Life would be boring if everyone was the same!
  • Bullying is hurting someone on the inside or the outside.
  • Tell a grown up what is happening.
  • Don’t go where the bully goes.
  • Stay ‘STOP!’
  • Stay with your friends

This week is science week at Halewood C of E.  Year 2 will be carrying out a number of experiments and will be handling some animals -How exciting!


Red Nose Day 2015


World Book Day

Today we enjoyed reading with our friends from Year 5. They told us about their books, read to us and also gave us some great reading tips. Thank you for coming to see us Year 5. We hope we can do it again soon!!
Remember to spend your book vouchers Year 2.

Into the Forest

One very chilly February afternoon, Year 2 transformed themselves into characters from Traditional tales and strolled along the meandering path which leads into our school forest.  Did you know there is a wolf lurking in our forest and even a beanstalk towering high into the clouds?  Take a glimpse at our fantastic scenes from Traditional tales...Enjoy!

A visit from Elizabeth Morris - a professional Storyteller

On Thursday last week, Year 2 were entertained by a fantastic storyteller who told them some wonderful stories.  This is what some of the Year 2 children said afterwards:


"I loved the storyteller because she changed her voice as she got a character out of her basket.  It was really funny when she changed her voice!"


"The storyteller was great because she put some magical characters into one of her stories."


"My favourite part was the last story when the rabbit granted three wishes."


"My favourite part was when she told the story about Rosie and she wanted to get a star and put it in her pocket."


"The storyteller was great because she told us stories with puppets."


"I liked the storyteller because she told us the best stories like the magic star and Rosie."


"I liked the bit when she told the story about a magic rabbit."


"I loved the storyteller because she did different expression and I liked the puppets."


"I liked it when she called a character Rosie...that's me!"


"My favourite part was when the magic bunny jumped out of the hole."


Year 2 had a brilliant day on 22nd January with Paul from the CLC.  Our topic for the day was 'FIX IT' which saw the children creating 'Sprites', setting backgrounds and animating their characters using simple coding.  Later in the day they learned to debug problems in the code.  The children were so AMAZING that they were able to solve the problems set for YEAR 4!!! WOW!




Did you see Year 2 on Twitter this week?  I am so proud of them.  They learned a very tricky song, Candle on the Water, and sang it beautifully.  In rehearsals we were scoring 8/10 but they delivered a 10/10 performance to the rest of the school on Thursday afternoon.  Well done to our trio: Scarlett, Sophie and Lyla who started the song off and to all of the children for singing their hearts out. FANTASTIC SINGING!! 


Also during music week we participated in a percussion workshop with musicians from Fiddler Music.  Take a look at our photos below. 

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fabulous Christmas holiday.
Mrs Dukalska and I would like to say a huge thank you for all of our lovely Christmas gifts. We had a wonderful time opening them.
Some reminders for this term:
Swimming will be on Friday afternoons.  The children leave school at 12.30pm and will be back before home time.  Please ensure uniform is named. Girls with long hair must have hair tied up please.
Book Bugs continues on Tuesdays from 3.00-4.00pm and will continue until the end of the year.
Homework is set on a Friday to be returned no later than the following Thursday please. 
Spellings will be sent home on Fridays.
Nail varnish should not be worn for school. 
We are looking forward to an exciting new term in Year 2.


Stable Boy - Nativity 2014

I want to say an enormous 'THANK YOU' to all of the children in Year 2 for their effort and hard work in the run up to our performance.   They have learned their lines, sang their hearts out and have been very patient during rehearsals.  We are very excited about performing for our families this week.  Here is a little sneak preview!!  Thank you grown ups for providing such lovely costumes.  We look FANTASTIC!  Happy Christmas!


Christmas Jumper Day

Don't we look AMAZING in our Christmas jumpers? Thank you grown ups for buying us such fantastic jumpers to wear! Thank you also for your contributions.

Children in Need - Bake Sale

These cakes were absolutely delicious - yum!

Book Bugs

Year 2 'Book Bugs' have been reading Flat Stanley. This week the children imagined what it would be like to be posted in an envelope to California like Stanley was. They had so much fun climbing into a pretend envelope and thinking how Stanley would have felt.

World Faith Week - Celebrating Shabbat

On Thursday (23rd October) in Year 1 and 2 we experienced  the Shabbat meal.  We sang, 'Shabbat Shalom' and tasted grape juice and Jewish bread with hummus.  You will notice the boys are wearing skull caps called Kippur, their job was to bless the Shabbat 'wine'.  Some of the girls are wearing a prayer shawl, they blessed the candles and welcomed the Shabbat into the home.  Sara, our visitor, showed us how to write some of our names in Hebrew too.  We had fun learning about Judaism.  In class we made Menorah lamps and a Star of David. 

Explore to Learn: Fire! Fire!

Year 2 began their 'Fire! Fire!' topic with a detectives lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring books, pictures, maps, photographs and artefacts as they discovered what they were going to be learning about during this topic. Some of the children even dressed up as a fire fighter! Watch this space for some more fire fighter pictures soon!!

Past and Present Tense

Year 2 have been exploring past and present tense dominoes.


Number facts

Rehearsing number facts to 20.

Black History Week

Year 2 were imagining what it would be like to be Nelson Mandela in a recreation of the 2.5 metre square prison cell at Robben Island Prison.  Their ability to empathise was AMAZING!  Well done

Year 2! The children were chanting 'Free Nelson Mandela!'