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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Class Teacher: Mrs S. Catt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K. Dukalska

Mrs Catt and Mrs Dukalska are delighted at how the children have settled into their first year in Key Stage 2. We are very much excited to be working with the children to help them all flourish and reach their potential this year. Thank you for all of your on-going support.

Class Notices



Homework will be given out every Friday and is due in by the following Friday. Each week children will be given english and maths homework. Children are also expected to complete 10 garage sessions on TT Rockstars and read at home.



Children will have a whole class reading session every day. Our school target is that they read at home at least 4 times per week. If they read 5 or more times in the week, they will be rewarded by going into Mr Smith's golden box. Reading record books will be checked every Friday, so please sign your child's diary each time they read at home.



Every week we will focus on four common exception words. On a Friday, children will have a quiz on those four along with a surprise four from the list. Everyday we have a spelling session to help them learn spelling patterns and rules as well as the Year3/4 common exception words. All children have been given a copy of the full list, so can practice at home.



Autumn- PE is Timetabled for a Thursday afternoon. Please try and have your child's PE kit in most days in case there is a change.

Spring Term Learning


We have really enjoyed our music sessions and learning different songs to sing for our warm up. We have enjoyed learning about different notes and learning to play some instruments.

Autumn Term Learning

Cake Sale- YUM!

We are very proud of a little boy in our class who baked cakes and sold them to raise money for charity. The cakes were delicious! Well done!


We have been studying the styles and techniques of Gormley Klint. We have looked at the key colours and tones that he used and the layering of shapes. We have also tried recreating the swirling shapes that he made. For our final piece we tried to copy his famous painting of 'The Tree of Life'.

History: Trip to Liverpool Museum

We had a wonderful day going on the train from Halewood to Liverpool Limestreet. We walked to the museum and had a workshop all about the Stone Age.

Science: Forces and Magnets

Year 3 have loved learning about different forces. We have learnt about the forces of pushing and pulling that help objects to move and stop moving. We enjoyed investigating the impact friction has on a moving object. We have enjoyed carrying out a number of investigations to find out which materials are magnetic and those that are not. We also enjoyed looking at different types of magnets and which one is the strongest.


English: Stories with a familiar setting

Our class have developed great enthusiasm for story writing this term. We have read the story 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne and our lessons have focussed on effective ways we can describe a setting to create a strong image for the reader. We have learnt about adjectives, adverbs, adverbs, synonyms and similes. We have enjoyed our thoughtful write which followed a similar structure to the book we read. Then we loved working with a writing buddy to write our own story together.

History: Stone Age Artefacts

We loved looking at stone age artefacts. When looking closely at them we thought carefully about what it may be and what it tells us about life in the stone age.

History: Stone Age Cave Paintings

We have really enjoyed researching cave paintings and all of the interesting things we can learn from them.

Maths: Place Value and Basic Skills

This term we have been using equipment to help with our place value understanding. We have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. To deepen our understanding, we have enjoyed having a go at reasoning and problem solving questions. We have been faced with some really challenging ones. Take a look at one we had a go at!

History: Play in a Day

Year 3 had a wonderful day learning all about the stone age through play. We learnt many interesting facts. At the end of the day, we performed our play to the rest of the school. It was certainly a day to remember.