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Year 6

Halewood Academy Newsletter (for Year 6 pupils going to Halewood Academy September 2019)

Making Circuits

Making Circuits 1
Making Circuits 2
Making Circuits 3
Making Circuits 4
Making Circuits 5
Making Circuits 6
Making Circuits 7
Making Circuits 8
We created our own investigations to see how different variables affected the brightness of the bulb.

Learn and Present - Abraham

Our Learn and Present day wa great fun and allowed us to learn many new facts about Abraham.

Visit to Jaguar Landrover

Visit to Jaguar Landrover 1
Visit to Jaguar Landrover 2
Visit to Jaguar Landrover 3
Visit to Jaguar Landrover 4

Viking Artefacts

Viking Artefacts 1
Viking Artefacts 2
Viking Artefacts 3
Viking Artefacts 4
Viking Artefacts 5
Viking Artefacts 6
Viking Artefacts 7
Viking Artefacts 8
Viking Artefacts 9
Viking Artefacts 10
We loved looking closely at these Viking artefacts in order to learn more about the Vikings in Britain. 

Number Sequences

Number Sequences 1
Number Sequences 2
Number Sequences 3
Number Sequences 4
Number Sequences 5
Number Sequences 6
Number Sequences 7
Number Sequences 8
Number Sequences 9
Number Sequences 10
Number Sequences 11
Number Sequences 12
Number Sequences 13
Number Sequences 14
We loved using equipment to create number sequences. We were able to find the nth term rule and find any term in the sequence.

Learn and Present - The Vikings



We used our knowledge of 3D shapes to help us create these Venn diagrams.

Mayan Artefacts

Mayan Artefacts

Year 6 looked at lots of different Mayan artefacts. We asked a range of questions and used inference skills interpret meaning and historical significance.

Making Mayan Chocolate