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History of the School

At the foot of this section are four wonderful images which have been reproduced with the kind permission of

Mr Mike Royden.   Please take the time to have a look.  We have also included a link to Mike's website within our Community page.


The original Halewood Church of England Primary School was built in 1840 with the current buildings being constructed in the 1960s and 1970s.


Enjoying extremely close ties with the Church since our foundation, Halewood C of E is a Voluntary Aided Anglican School. Our aim is to create a place of joy and learning every day of the week, catering for children from the age of 3 up to 11 years old. We are keen believers that through recognising and nurturing the individual strengths and talents of our children, we can develop their love of learning. Boosting the self-esteem of the children in our school, raising our own and their expectations whilst moving forward at all times, our school embraces the love of learning in and through a creative curriculum.


We believe in an inclusive education, recognising diversity and taking into account different variations of learning. With a healthy balance between independent, group and whole class learning, Halewood Church of England Primary School provides opportunities for all children irrespective of their ability, ethnic or cultural origin, language or gender. Working together from the very beginning we can all achieve our aims and goals in life.  We want our children and parents to understand and appreciate this as we develop and learn from the outset. If you have any thoughts upon browsing our website feel free to contact us.


Miss Alice Jump, Head 1881 - 1926
School photo - c.1905
Miss "Lizzie" Jump, Head of Infants, 1891 - 1926
School class photo - believed to be in the 1890s