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Implementation of our Maths Curriculum


  • A coherently sequenced maths curriculum allows pupils to build on prior mathematical knowledge and make connections to their learning.
  • Our long-term plan is based on the School Improvement Liverpool Maths Plans which provide an overview of the coverage of objectives and topics in each year group.
  • We use White Rose Maths for our medium-term planning which ensures that core knowledge is sequenced coherently within and across year groups.
  • To ensure we meet the needs of all pupils in mathematics, we adapt and review our planning daily. We also use NCETM, Nrich, I see reasoning and I see problem solving to assist in our delivery of the mathematics curriculum.
  • The pedagogy of our teaching sequence is underpinned by a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to learning.
  • Representations and structures allow pupils to make connections between their learning.
  • Teachers use variation to offer concepts in more than one way and to sequence learning, drawing attention to mathematical relationships.
  • High quality individual and whole class feedback is used to address misconceptions before moving onto new learning.
  • Pupils are given opportunities to reflect on their work and review their own progress.
  • Pupils are given opportunities to work in pairs, groups and independently.
  • Retention activities at the beginning of every lesson help pupils to consolidate prior learning and fluency.
  • Teachers’ model/demonstrate new concepts through images/manipulatives/use of ICT.
  • Pupils have access to practical equipment every lesson to develop and support their concrete conceptual understanding.
  • High-level vocabulary is modelled to pupils, displayed in classrooms and used regularly as a teaching point. Pupils are given opportunities to use vocabulary in a range of contexts.
  • Teachers encourage a growth mind set culture where children learn from their mistakes.
  • Open and probing questioning is used to deepen pupil's mathematical thinking.
  • Our calculation teaching sequence involves: estimation, practise of fluency questions, followed by reasoning and problem-solving activities.
  • Pupils are given opportunities to apply skills in a variety of contexts to deepen their problem solving and reasoning skills.
  • Maths Journals are used to deepen understanding of new concepts and key vocabulary.
  • TTRockstars is used and celebrated to develop confidence with times tables.
  • Real life maths links are made during lessons.
  • Basic maths facts are progressively sequenced and tracked across year groups.
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