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Implementation of our Design Technology Curriculum 


  • Discrete D&T lessons take place. 

  • Three topics are covered each year including food technology. 

  • Lessons do not need to relate to another subject although cross curricular links are encouraged. 

  • Children each have a manila folder in which to store D&T planning and evaluation notes. 

  • A large class book of D&T accompanies each year group through the key stages. 

  • An audit of equipment has taken place and resources have been replenished. 



Implementation of the Design and Technology curriculum is split into ‘Design, make, evaluate, technical knowledge’ and ‘cooking and nutrition’. 


Design; Make; Evaluate; Technical Knowledge 


  • Key skills such as design, make and evaluate are developed throughout D&T curriculum. 

  • Technical knowledge and high level vocabulary is developed. 

  • Key attitudes are encouraged throughout learning.  All learning is built around the 5Ps: pace, productivity, presentation, perseverance and progress. 

  • Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to learning across our curriculum.  Lessons are planned in such a way that children can apply their knowledge in critical thinking/problem solving contexts. 


Cooking and Nutrition 


  • Lessons ensure that children develop knowledge of the basic principles of healthy nutrition.  

  • Children use their creativity as they learn to prepare and cook a variety of foods. 

  • Children learn to discriminate between cheaper/seasonal foods and those that are costly/out of season. 

  • Children become able to sustain themselves and others in an affordable manner. 

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