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 Intent of our Maths Curriculum


Retention – Application – Inspiration – Success for Everyone



At Halewood C of E Primary School, it is our intent that all pupils will achieve well in mathematics and are equipped with the fundamental skills that they need for the next stage of their learning journey and beyond. Our vision for mathematics is steeped in an agreed pedagogical approach that provides concrete, pictorial and abstract examples to support the acquisition and retention of mathematical skills and knowledge.


Our well-defined mathematics curriculum is sequenced coherently to ensure that all children become fluent mathematicians who are able to reason, problem solve and make connections across their learning. It is our aim that children develop their mathematical thinking by being able to confidently articulate and understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ that underpin the representations and structure to their learning.


To support pupils in acquiring depth to their learning, we ensure that pupils are confident with a variation of mathematical concepts. We sequence key number facts progressively to ensure that pupils can recall them with speed and accuracy and are equipped with sufficient depth and knowledge to reason and explain mathematical concepts.


We recognise the importance of fostering a culture where pupils develop a growth mindset towards their learning and are aware of the relevance and importance of mathematics in everyday life. It is our intent for all children to love mathematics and feel proud of the progress that they have made.


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