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Impact of our Religious Education Curriculum


  • High achievement in RE, reflecting its importance in a church school.
  • Pupils are enthusiastic about their learning and work in RE.
  • Positive impact on children’s academic, social and personal development.
  • Links with the community through Christian experiences e.g. Experience Harvest, Christmas Journey.
  • Links with the community through working with the local church e.g. St Marks and St Mary’s.
  • Children are confident when worshipping God through song and spontaneous prayer.
  • Our values sustain and guide our school community and help us to make the right decisions in the image of Christ: through times of both calm and turbulence because our faith is strongly based on Christian principles.
  • Reflection areas inside and outside of the classroom allow spaces for children to develop spiritually and focus on their own personal needs or their relationship with God.
  • Visitors have allowed children to think deeply and have any questions and thoughts answered that they may have about faith or about life, whichever stage they are at. Children have spoken about how much they have enjoyed these experiences and how memorable they have been.
  • Close links with the local church helps to shape the attitude all of all children toward school and their own lives. The local vicar and local children’s and young people’s worker are regularly in, delivering collective worships and these are loved by all children and staff.
  • Children regularly use Growth mindset sayings when discussing learning and the process of learning. Children have been heard and seen to encourage one another throughout lessons and staff witness them showing the 5Ps, which is evident through children tackle work.
  • Children and staff comment on how world faith days allow them to have an increased understanding of other people in their communities and across the world and understand the differences and links between different faiths. Pupils recognise things that are agreed on and things that are disagreed on between different faiths and are able to understand the reasoning behind these opinions
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