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Implementation of our Science Curriculum


  • Our science curriculum is carefully sequenced by individual objectives and topics, so that learning is progressive across year groups.
  • Our individual objectives for each year group and topics have been carefully sequenced to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • We believe that by sequencing our science knowledge and skills cohesively prepares pupils to access science successfully and confidently when they reach KS3.
  • Planning of each science topic also involves planning regular experiments, so that pupils are developing scientific enquiry continuously.
  • Our curriculum prioritises instilling a love for science from an early age.
  • Knowledge planners provide the structure to learning, specifying key knowledge and vocabulary that we want all children to be fluent with.
  • Acting as a planning, teaching and assessment tool, the knowledge Planner makes it clear to teachers, pupils and parents what knowledge and vocabulary is expected to be learnt by the end of the unit and within lessons.
  • Knowledge planners highlight outcomes through exit quizzes, allowing children, parents and teachers to monitor and assess their own learning.
  • A wide range of equipment is available to support the hands on delivery of our science curriculum across the School.
  • Mind maps are a central part of learning in Science.
  • Key scientific enquiry skills such as: asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, making observations, recording and interpreting data and evaluating are embedded in our lesson objectives across our Science curriculum.
  • Key attitudes are encouraged throughout learning. All learning is built around the 5Ps: pace, productivity, presentation, perseverance and progress.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to learning across our curriculum. Lessons are planned in such a way that children can apply their knowledge in critical thinking/problem solving contexts.
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