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Impact of our Maths Curriculum  


  • Children are fluent mathematicians.
  • Children can confidently articulate their learning. 
  • Children have a growth mindset towards maths and feel proud of the progress that they have made.
  • Children understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to what they are learning.
  • Children can make connections across their learning and be systematic in the methods that they use.
  • Children can apply their learning to a variation of mathematical concepts.
  • Children are confident when recalling mathematical facts.
  • Children are confident with high-level maths vocabulary.
  • Children are confident when reasoning and can justify, explain and prove using mathematical language.
  • Children can tackle open-ended maths problems systematically.
  • Children are independent learners.
  • Children know the relevance and importance of maths in everyday life.
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