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Impact of our Languages Curriculum


  • Children are very enthusiastic and interested in their learning.
  • The children respond to and initiate conversations in the French language.
  • The learning of French is continued at home. The knowledge planners will be a fantastic way of communicating with parents the facts their child is expected to know.  Links will be provided for free websites such as Euro club and Duo lingo where children can practise the language through fun interactive games.
  • There is a set lesson structure that ensures that there is consistency across the school in the way that French is taught.
  • Children can retain the facts, grammar, vocabulary and structures taught.
  • By using the key facts, entry and exits quizzes and activities, we can assess our children’s attainment and progress more accurately.


Next Steps for our Languages Curriculum


  • For our children to be able to use core French vocabulary confidently.
  • For the PL lead to continue develop knowledge planners and update regularly as required.
  • For all staff to work together to explore ways we can build more French into learning during Registration, PE, etc ‘Five a day French’
  • For our children to be able to access more authentic French resources such as simple picture books and magazines.
  • To make more contacts with schools  in France through  pen pal projects which will give real meaning and purpose to our language learning.
  • To organise more French days to celebrate language and culture.



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