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Intent of our Primary Languages Curriculum



Retention – Application – Inspiration – Success for Everyone



  • For all children to develop resilience in language learning as well as enjoyment of it through a variety of exciting activities ensuring coverage against the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • For children to develop a love of language learning and the confidence to communicate in French.
  • For children to acquire language learning strategies for memorisation and retrieval as well as for listening, reading and understanding
  • For children to develop the skill of how to use a bi-lingual dictionary to decode unfamiliar language.
  • For children to able to manipulate language to speak or write sentences creatively using prior knowledge of grammar and key features, with and without a dictionary
  • For children to have a sound grasp of the key sounds of the French language and their corresponding graphemes and be able to apply this knowledge when speaking, listening, and reading aloud.
  • For children to recognise some of the language patterns of French and how these differ or are like English.
  • For children to appreciate and be able to copy the sound of the language at text level through songs, stories and rhymes.
  • For children to have a window opened into other countries where French is spoken and to deepen their understanding of cultural differences and similarities
  • For children to demonstrate substantial progress in learning French and work towards or meet the targets of the KS2 Programme of Study for Languages.