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Implementation of our Religious Education Curriculum


  • Our RE Curriculum is built around the Bible timeline and follows the Liverpool Blackburn Diocese Scheme that enables every child to flourish. 
  • Discrete RE lessons take place.
  • Key attitudes are encouraged throughout learning. All learning is built around the 5Ps: pace, productivity, presentation, perseverance and progress.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to learning across our curriculum. Lessons are planned in such a way that children can apply their knowledge in critical thinking/problem solving contexts.
  • Christian values and the Bible are linked with other subjects in the curriculum. 
  • Opportunities to learn about other major religions; their impact on culture and politics, art and history and on the lives of their believers.
  • Think theologically and explore ultimate questions.
  • Reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief.
  • Analyse and explain the varied nature and traditions of the Christian community.
  • A wide range of artefacts have been purchased to support learning. These are used regularly in RE lessons to develop skills.
  • Key skills such as evaluation, reflection and investigation are developed across our RE curriculum.
  • Skills of listening and willingness to learn from others, even when others’ views are different from their own are developed through reflection times.
  • RE floor books provide opportunities to record thoughts, ideas and reflections.
  • World Faith days provide opportunities for children to focus on other world faiths through hands on experiences and engaging in workshops with visitors.
  • Out of class activities support biblical knowledge e.g., BAFTA Bible, Bible Tales.
  • Exploring and experiencing prayer and worship from a variety of Christian traditions.
  • Recognising and encouraging the use of personal and group gifts and talents by leading collective worship e.g. Worship Warriors.