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Impact of our writing curriculum


  • A carefully planned long-term writing curriculum ensures that a range of genres and texts are covered, in line with the National Curriculum expectations.
  • Children are being more adventurous with their choice of vocabulary and this is evident in their work as a result of being immersed in a vocabulary rich culture and environment.
  • Teaching is responded to and adapted as a result of systematic checking of understanding, identifying misconceptions accurately and providing clear, direct feedback.
  • As a result of targeted and timely feedback during the writing process, children are able to address misconceptions and edit and re-draft their work effectively.
  • Through editing sessions and peer support, children learn how to strengthen and improve their writing. This also gives an audience for their work.
  • Children have a clear understanding of expectations through use of success Criteria (Learning Ladders) and Writing Next Steps.
  • Self/peer/teacher assessment (‘Two stars and a wish/next step) helps children to understand what their successes are and how they can improve their work further.
  • Children develop detailed knowledge and skills and achieve well and feel success.
  • Children are engaged in their writing, show enjoyment and often produce writing outside of lesson time.