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Implementation of our Reading Curriculum


  • Key skills such as decoding, retrieval, sequencing, inference, prediction, summarising, evaluation, and justification are developed across our reading curriculum.
  • Key attitudes are encouraged throughout learning. All learning is built around the 5Ps: pace, productivity, presentation, perseverance and progress.
  • Both a reading and poetry whole school spine ensures children are immersed in a range of quality literature.
  • Phonics is taught systematically in Foundation Stage and KS1 using Read, Write, Inc.
  • RWI phonics readers are read in Reception and KS 1.  Accelerated reader is our reading scheme for KS.2.
  • There is a minimum expectation that every child reads 4 times per week at home and has their diary signed.  There is a ‘golden box’ incentive for children who have read 5 times per week.
  • A love of reading is promoted from Nursery with Nursery children taking home a library book to share each week.
  • Whole class guided reading, ensures that children read challenging texts from a broad range of genres.  During these sessions, high priority is placed upon the teaching of vocabulary and key reading skills.
  • Regular opportunities are planned for enrichment activities to support reading: World Book Day, National Poetry Day, Readathon, Summer Reading challenge, Tea and Read with parents, Tiny Tasters EYFS.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to learning across our curriculum.
  • Children have a non-core reading session weekly to support reading for learning.
  • Stories are linked to Christian values and taken from the Bible where appropriate. Children are given the opportunity to reflect on learning and relate their learning to Christian values.
  • Daily story times allow children to listen to experts reading and concentrate on what they are listening to, rather than what they are trying to decode.